Ringworm is a very common fungal infection that, despite its name, is not caused by a worm. It is caused by the Tinea mushroom, which is very contagious. Anyone can get ringworm, although some people are more susceptible than others, such as those with compromised immunity and young children.
The symptoms of ringworm include a red, scaly, circular patch on the skin or nails. It usually affects the scalp and arms, but it can appear on any part of the body. Jocked eczema and athlete’s foot are common forms of ringworm.
Although many drugs are available to treat this fungal infection, natural treatments can also be effective.

What are the home remedies for ringworm?
Read on to discover 11 natural treatments for fungal infections, such as ringworm:

1. garlic

Garlic as a natural remedy for ringworm.
Garlic paste can be used as a topical treatment, although no study has been conducted on its use.
Garlic is often used to treat the infection. Although no studies have examined the effects of garlic on ringworm, it has been shown to be effective for other fungi, including Candida, Torulopsis, Trichophyton and Cryptococcus.

To use garlic as a treat, make a crushed garlic clove paste by mixing garlic with olive oil or coconut oil. Apply a thin layer of paste to the affected skin and cover with gauze. Leave in place for 2 hours before rinsing. Repeat twice daily until symptoms disappear.
If the garlic paste causes tingling, swelling or redness, rinse immediately and do not reapply.

2. soapy water

To prevent ringworm from spreading or infecting other parts of the body, keep the skin as clean as possible. To do this, rinse the infection with soap and lukewarm water once or twice a day. Be sure to dry the skin well as the fungus grows in wet areas.
Always clean the skin in this manner before using any of the other home remedies listed below. Before using any of the following substances on ringworm patches, a person should apply a small amount to a healthy area of ​​the skin to ensure it is not sensitive or allergic to treatment.

3. Cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has demonstrated antifungal properties against Candida, another fungal infection.
To treat ringworm with apple cider vinegar, soak a cotton swab in the undiluted vinegar and wipe it on the affected area. Repeat up to 3 times a day.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains six antiseptic agents that, according to research, show antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral activities.
Apply the gel of an aloe vera plant to the ringworm patch three or four times a day. The gel also has refreshing properties, so it can relieve itching and swollen skin.

5. coconut oil

Some fatty acids found in coconut oil can kill fungal cells by damaging their cell membranes.
Some research suggests that coconut oil can be an effective remedy for people with mild to moderate skin infections. Use it to treat ringworm by applying liquid coconut oil to the skin three times a day.
In addition, people can use coconut oil as a moisturizing lotion, which can be an effective way to prevent future ringworm infections.
What you need to know about ringworm
Ringworm has a range of potential causes and treatment options. 

6. Grapefruit seed extract

Anecdotal evidence suggests that grapefruit seed extract could treat fungal infections. To treat ringworm, the promoters recommend mixing 1 drop of grapefruit seed extract with a tablespoon of water and apply it to the skin twice a day.

7. turmeric

Turmeric is a popular spice with anti-inflammatory properties. Part of turmeric known as curcumin would be responsible for the health benefits of the spice. Many studies detail its extensive antimicrobial capabilities.
Consume turmeric as a tea or add it to your meals to reap the benefits. For topical applications, mix it with a small amount of water or coconut oil until it forms a paste, then apply it to the skin. Let dry before wiping.
Be aware that turmeric can stain yellow skin to lighter skin, but it will disappear after a few days.

Liquorice powder and sticks.
Licorice powder can be used to make a paste with antiviral and antimicrobial properties.
Plant commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, licorice has antiviral, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is also used as a home remedy for ringworm and other fungal infections. For best results, mix 3 tablespoons of licorice root powder in a cup of water.
Bring this mixture to a boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Once the liquid has cooled, it should form a paste.
Apply it to the ringworm patch twice a day, letting it sit for at least 10 minutes each time before cleaning or rinsing it.

9. Tea tree oil

Native Australians have used tea tree oil as a cure for many bacterial and fungal skin diseases for nearly a century. Today, tea tree oil is both popular and effective in the treatment of ringworm.

Make a 2% dilution of tea tree oil by mixing 12 drops of essential oil with 1 ounce of cold-pressed carrier oil, such as coconut oil. Apply this on the skin three times a day.
Those who do not have sensitive skin can apply tea tree oil directly to the affected skin without diluting it first.

10. Oregano oil

Oregano oil made from wild oregano (Origanum vulgare) contains two powerful antifungals, called thymol and carvacrol.
Some research has shown that oregano oil can stop the growth of the

Candida albicans fungus. Always dilute the oregano oil with a carrier oil before use. Apply the oil on the affected area up to three times a day.
Note that the majority of the oregano oil on the market contains common oregano (Origanum marjoram) rather than wild oregano.

11. Lemongrass oil

Lemongrass essential oil has been shown to reduce the activity of many types of fungi. To use lemongrass oil against ringworm, mix it with a carrier oil and apply it to the skin twice a day with a cotton ball.

When to see a doctor

If the symptoms do not go away within 2 weeks of using home remedies, it may be necessary to consult a doctor.
A doctor may recommend that you use an over-the-counter topical lotion containing clotrimazole or terbinafine. These products must be applied twice a day. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe more powerful antifungal medications.
Those who are likely to transmit ringworm to others through their work or lifestyle – such as teachers and athletes – should consult their doctor promptly.


No one wash their hands under the faucet with soap.
Keeping skin and nails clean and washing your hands with soapy water can help prevent ringworm.
Preventing ringworm is easier than treating an established infection. However, ringworm is highly contagious (it can be caught by other people or infected objects), so it is necessary to be diligent about prevention techniques.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend the following:

keep the skin clean and dry

never walk barefoot in communal showers or changing rooms
wear open or loose shoes whenever possible to allow air to circulate around the feet
change socks and underwear every day
keep the nails and nails cut and clean
avoid sharing clothes, towels or bed linen with someone with ringworm
wash hands with soap and water regularly, especially after contact with animals that may be carriers of ringworm
take infected animals to a veterinarian for immediate treatment
take a shower immediately after games or workouts
wash the sports equipment regularly.

To take away

The outlook for people with ringworm is excellent, with most cases resolved within two weeks. Home remedies for ringworm can be very effective if they are applied consistently and early in the symptoms.
However, not all cures will work for all cases of ringworm and it is difficult to say which treatment is most effective. Children and those with sensitive skin may wish to try other treatments before using essential oils, which can irritate certain skin types.
If the symptoms do not go away within 2 weeks, the doctor will recommend a more powerful treatment that will probably cure the infection quickly.

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