10 pounds to lose weight: The 12 best tips

10-kilogram weight loss You look at yourself in the mirror, and you frown your brows: 5 years ago that belly was not there yet. And your hips were also much smaller. You get the oppressive feeling that you will only get more weight in the future. Time to change something before it’s too late! You want to lose at least 10 kilos!

There are of course a lot of diets and advice for a change in your lifestyle that promise you everything: lose 10 kilos of body fat in up to one month! Do you believe it yourself? In this article I will tell you why that is technically not possible, apart from the fact that this is very bad for your health.

10 pounds is a very good goal, but do it slowly and do not be tempted by all the fantastic stories about crash diets with fast results. Believe me, in the long run it will not work, because you will irrevocably have to deal with the familiar yo-yo effect. This means that over time you will get the lost kilos back, and often even more.

To lose 10 kilos you would have to take a period of 3 to 6 months, depending on your options and you want to change your lifestyle.

10 pounds and your calories
Eating for a full feeling
Your strategy for the diet
Sports to burn fat
The 12 best tips to start well!
10 pounds and your calories
The principle of losing weight is basically simple: To lose weight, you have to eat fewer calories than your body uses. Your body then takes the remaining energy out of your body fat, with the result that you lose weight. Of course there are many other things that play a role, such as your hormone levels and what you eat, but in this article we stick to the calories.If you want to know more about the role of hormones during weight loss, read on: The role of hormones in losing weight

We are going to make a calculation: To lose 1 kilo of body weight, you have to ‘save’ about 7700 calories. If we then calculate, you would have to save 550 kilo calories every day to lose half a kilogram per week.

The amount of calories you need every day depends heavily on sex, daily activities, level of sportiness, age and physical condition.

Just a practical example: A 35-year-old woman weighs 87 kilos and weighs 87 kilos. It is clear that this is overweight. She would like to lose 10 kilos.

She sports about 1 hour a week, so she needs 2300 kilo calories every day to keep her current weight. If we include the aforementioned amount of calories per kilogram of body weight, she should not eat more than 1750 kilo calories per day to lose 1 pound per week.

The desired 10 kilos she then reaches after a period of 20 weeks. In general it is advised not to lose more than half a kilo to one kilo per week.

An important basic rule: The slower, the more durable!

The temptation is of course very big to reduce a lot of calories, to lose weight faster. You could put a little lower, but never go below the limit of 1400 kilo calories for a woman, and 1800 kilo calories for a man. Eating too few calories will inevitably result in a slower metabolism, loss of muscle mass, and ultimately the well-known yo-yo effect.

This brings me directly to the danger of crashing. You know, those diets that promise you can lose 10 kilos per month. Let’s also calculate this: 10 kilos per month equals 77,000 kilo calories. If we assume 30 days per month, you should save more than 2,500 kilo calories per day. And if you know that the normal need for calories (for adult men) is about 2,500 kilo calories, we can immediately conclude that this is impossible. Of course you lose a lot the first month, but that is only loss of fluid and, at a later stage, muscle mass. Then the pace is gone, and you will lose little more. You give up, after which you inevitably have to deal with the familiar yo-yo effect.

Eating for a full feeling
The moment you have adjusted your lifestyle to lose pounds, the feeling of hunger is the greatest danger. You always have times when your stomach starts to rumble, and you want (read: must) something to eat. It is precisely these moments that are the greatest danger to the success of your goal of losing 10 kilos.

To stay away from this annoying feeling of hunger, it is important that the food you eat does not only have a good nutritional value, but also makes you feel full. So avoid food with a lot of calories and little content. Replace it with food with fewer calories and a higher nutritional value. Think of fruit, vegetables, broth. For that full feeling you also need the fast, usually refined, carbohydrates to replace slow, unrefined, carbohydrates. In practice you have to choose for example whole grains such as wholemeal bread, brown rice and wholegrain pasta . In addition to the extra nutrients that are (still) in unrefined products, the fibers provide a long-lasting full feeling, the nutrients are absorbed more slowly by the body so that you have a slow but long-lasting source of energy in your stomach, without affecting your blood sugar level. reacts. So no unnecessary storage of body fat.

Do you want to know more about foods for a longer full feeling? Then read on: 24 foods that keep you feeling full

Put the emphasis on healthy fats and proteins. These also provide a long-lasting full feeling. More durable than, for example, carbohydrates. Many proteins can be found in lean meat, poultry, fish, low-fat dairy, soya and beans.

To give you an idea about the amounts of protein: An egg contains about 6 grams of protein, a cup of milk contains 8 grams of protein, one and a half grams of lean meat contains 22 grams of protein and the same amount of chicken breast contains 26 grams.

To lose weight
Your strategy for the diet
It is therefore important to make the right choices. Not only the choice for healthy eating, but also the choice for the moments that you eat. In order to distribute your energy better over the day, and to stay in control of your hunger, it is important to spread your eating moments throughout the day. For example, eat three meals per combined with 2 to 3 (healthy) snack moments. Keep each meal about the same size and make sure you eat foods that make you feel full. Make sure that your meal contains slow carbohydrates, healthy fats and enough protein. For example, always start from vegetables and / or fruit, and fill this with proteins and / or whole grains.

To give you an idea, just a sample from practice:

Breakfast: Two hard-boiled eggs with a slice of whole wheat toast and a bowl with pieces of melon.
Lunch: A salad with grilled chicken and a large plate of minestrone soup
Dinner: Grilled salmon with a baked, sweet, potato and roasted asparagus.
Snacks: Low-fat yogurt, fresh fruit, sliced ​​vegetables, low-fat cheese, wholemeal crackers etc. etc.
In any case, do not eat junk food . And I mean not only the junk food of the famous fast food chains, but also the junk food available at the supermarkets in the form of soft drinks , cookies, cake, candy, and all those other processed, refined, foods. If jet is about drinking, water is always the best choice.


Do you want a free recipe book with a wealth of delicious weight loss recipes? Download Recipe Book

Sports to burn fat
Every project to lose weight must always be combined with exercise and exercise. Although exercise and exercise ‘only’ account for 25% of the weight loss, exercise is also a huge support for your dietary habits, so for the other 75%. Moving therefore always remains necessary!

It would be ideal to reserve an hour 3 or 4 times a week to exercise. Start at least with cardio sports. Think of swimming, cycling, speed walking, water aerobics or jogging. Start calmly and slowly build up the time and pace. This not only gives you an increasingly better condition, but the moment you spend half an hour or more intensively on your sport, you also start burning calories.

One of the consequences of losing weight, burning fat, is losing muscle mass. Your body not only takes your body fat to compensate for the shortage of energy, but also seeks this energy in your muscle mass. The result: loss of muscle mass.

You can compensate for this by working on your muscles. No, you certainly do not have to grow a six pack, but growing muscle mass would be a very good idea. Try to complete your routines two or three times a week, for example on the days when you do not do cardio training.

Growing muscle mass not only strengthens the basis of your body, but also burns more and more calories. Muscles consume a lot of energy, even when they are at rest.

Sounds good, right ?: While you’re watching television on the couch, you’re burning energy!

This means that as the muscle mass increases, you have to cut back on calories to lose weight.

The 12 best tips to start well!
If you have ever tried to lose weight, you have noticed that everyone has good advice for you, everyone has a different experience with losing weight, and one falls off faster than the other. One says that if you stop eating after 7 o’clock in the evening, you will fall off very quickly, the other person says she has already lost 5 kilos by simply eating once a day. And that other friend? Well, you’re jealous, because it only needs to sneeze and the pounds fly off!

But do all these well-intention ed tips really work? Of course they will have an effect, but you have to ask yourself whether it is sustainable, and whether the stories are not a bit (much) thickened. In addition, there is the fact that everyone is different, everyone reacts differently to a certain diet. So you can never take over one nutrition plan from a friend.

It is important to focus on good and healthy food, and more often food. Yes, losing weight does not mean that you should always be hungry, and that you should eat or drink the most horrible things. On the contrary: Healthy and varied food, in combination with more exercise, is the best remedy for losing weight in a sustainable way.To help you on your way, I hereby give you some essential tips to lose weight successfully:


Weight loss tip 1: Hunger is a bad counselor

When you are hungry, you can not make good decisions anymore. Hunger influences your rational thinking, so you only eat what you feel like at that moment: That pack of biscuits, that bag of chips, or that tasty ice cream from the ice cream parlor on the corner.

Make sure you always feel that way by eating small portions regularly so that you never suffer from that gnawing feeling.

Weight loss tip 2: Keep an eye on your calories

One says that you have to let go of calories altogether, the other says that you have to strictly adhere to your calories. I tend to go first, but that does not mean that the amount of calories is not important. The best way is to actually count calories for the first one or two weeks so that you get a good idea of ​​how much food you can eat. After that learning period, you have to let go of this completely, and continue on your feeling, based on what you learned during the first weeks.

If you are only counting, then every pleasure disappears into food, then a meal becomes a math. And that is certainly not the intention. Eating must give pleasure, food must give you a good feeling.

So focus more on the quality of what you eat than on the amount of calories!

Lose weight tip 3: Eat red, orange or green

Make sure you always have one or more of the above colors on your plate, and preferably the largest part. The big advantage: Rich in important nutrients, and very low in calories. You can never eat enough vegetables and fruit!

10-kilogram weight loss
Lose weight tip 4: Go drink solidly

No, no alcohol, but water! Water is essential for your body. Not only to hydrate your body, but also to give your stomach a full feeling regularly, so that you will snack less. Since water contains no calories, you can regularly drink water without problems.

It may sound contradictory, but if you drink too little water, your body will tend to retain water in your body. So you become heavier, but only because of the moisture that you hold. Unnecessary kilos that you have to carry with you every day.

Drink 2 liters of water a day, and adjust this to special activities such as sports or extremely hot weather.

Do not you like pure water? Then try a very small amount of syrup, preferably without added sugars .

Weight loss tip 5: Avoid (hidden) salt

Salt is one of the biggest dangers. Not only for your health, but also to lose weight. We eat more than twice as much salt as we actually need. This will lead to bloating and an inability to lose pounds. In addition, the salt will provide more thirst and hunger.

It is not so much the salt that you use in the kitchen, that is relatively little. The large amount is in the foods that you buy in the supermarket. Salt is a taste enhancer for the manufacturer: the more salt, the tastier. Salt is cheap, so that is a big plus for the manufacturer!

So carefully read the ingredient list for the amount of processed salt before you buy it. Even better: Start with natural ingredients and cook everything yourself. Not only fun to do, but many times healthier!

Lose weight tip 6: Eat seasoned

If you like hot, spicy food, then you have an advantage if you also want to drop off. Hot herbs cause a full feeling faster and curb the feeling of hunger. In addition, scientists have found that a certain compound that occurs in peppers activates your brain and provides an additional production of the happiness hormone Endorphins. So no hunger and a good mood! Excellent combination, right?

Weight loss tip 7: Keep a diary

I have given this tip a few times before, but that is purely because it definitely works! Firstly, it is of course the overview of what you eat every day or week. This way you can check again what you have eaten, especially after your scale has just indicated that you have arrived 1 kilo.

Second, you become more aware of what you eat when you write everything down. Every time you update the diary, so after a meal, you think about what you ate, and you are more aware of this.

People who keep a diary are generally more successful than those who do not.

Weight loss tip 8: Start with soup

People who start the meal with a tasty soup that contains few calories, eat over 20% less calories during the entire meal, including the soup. Soup, based on vegetables, gives you a full feeling, is nutritious and there are very few calories. It is also delicious to eat soup at lunch.

Make sure you leave the salt pot in the kitchen cupboard. Once you put this on the table, most people will first add salt, and then taste it. You can interrupt this bad habit in this way.

 Lose weight tip 9: Take your time to eat

People who eat fast and hurried are often heavier than people who eat quietly and thoughtfully. Did you know that a message from your stomach to the brain, with the message that you have eaten enough, will only arrive after about 20 minutes? So if you already have your plate empty within 20 minutes, you still feel that hungry feeling, so you only have to re-create. In this way you eat too much, and you quickly get the feeling that your stomach is overcrowded, with unnecessary calories. An uncomfortable feeling.

Try to eat quietly, preferably at the table with the whole family. Chew every bite at least 10 times before you swallow it. Besides the fact that you slow down the food, your saliva will add certain enzymes during chewing, which support the digestion process in your body.

Do you still have a tendency to eat quickly? Then go eat with Chinese sticks. Indeed, very difficult, but next to the game, you are forced to eat slowly.

Lose weight tip 10: Be smarter than the hunger hormone Ghreline.

Ghrelin is the hormone that controls your appetite. If nothing has come in for 3 to 4 hours, the Ghreline will make itself heard, making it actually too late to just eat. You have, under the influence of this hormone, more a tendency to eat emotionally, and then preferably as sweet as possible.

Be smarter, and eat a small balanced meal every 3 hours, so the Ghreline no longer has the chance to play games with your hunger. Ghreline can completely derive even the most healthy eating habits.

Lose weight tip 11: Stop eating at the right time

It is a myth that after 7 o’clock in the evening you can not eat anything anymore, if you try to lose weight. Even stronger: There are even people who stop eating at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. This will irrevocably result in a strong feeling of hunger the next day, after which you will over-eat. So do not shoot up.

You can also simply eat during the evening, provided you stop eating one and a half hours before bedtime. Your body needs this time to digest the food for the most part, allowing you to sleep more peacefully.

To lose weight
Lose weight tip 12: Dive into the kitchen!

Of course you do not want to go into the kitchen after your work, to make something tasty out of fresh ingredients. Yet it is a must, at least if you are serious about losing weight and about your physical and mental health.

But you can also prepare everything at the weekend: Cut a large batch of colored vegetables, onions and sweet potatoes . Do this, together with some olive oil and some herbs, in a large oven dish. Add a tasty chicken, or possibly some chicken fillets. Put this in the oven until everything is done.

You can also prepare a large pan of brown rice . All this takes about an hour of your time, but you do have to eat for a whole week. Not the same every day, but variation with everything you’ve already prepared, with the addition of wholegrain pasta.

You then have pasta with vegetable mix, brown rice with vegetable mix and chicken, sweet potatoes with chicken breast etc. etc.

In this way it takes you up to 15 minutes in the evening to bring something delicious on the table. And that is less time than warming up the oven and heating a frozen pizza!

If you have decided to drop out, you have already taken the first step. Bravo!

Do you suffer from a condition, and do you take medication for this? Before you change your lifestyle, please discuss this with your doctor. Certain foods can affect your medication, both positive and negative. A healthy lifestyle can also be a reason to stop medication (in part) because your body can heal itself again because it receives the right nutrients.


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