Having a healthy libido is linked to a feeling of physical and emotional health. It is not surprising then that food can help you find your rhythm.
If you find yourself in a crisis, it may be time to take a closer look at your diet. These seven foods are packed with nutrients that can improve your libido and improve your overall health.

1. meat

Include a variety of meats in your diet to enhance your sex life. Beef, chicken and pork contain carnitine, L-arginine and zinc. Carnitine and L-arginine are amino acids that improve blood flow. Uninterrupted blood flow is crucial for the sexual response in men and women. According to NYU Langone Medical Center, these two nutrients can effectively treat erectile dysfunction in some men.

Serve animal protein (in moderation, to avoid an increased risk of heart disease) to keep all systems in the bedroom working properly. Vegetarians can opt for whole grains, nuts and dairy products.

2. Oysters

You have probably heard about the aphrodisiac properties of oysters. Research at a 2005 American Chemical Society conference revealed that oysters, clams and scallops contain compounds that increase testosterone and estrogen levels.

An increase in hormone production results in an increase in sexual desire in many cases. Oysters are also an excellent source of zinc, which facilitates blood flow to the sexual organs of both sexes. Do not worry about mollusks? Enjoy lobster or crab instead. Both types of mollusks are loaded with zinc.

3. Salmon

Salmon is well known for its heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Pink flesh fish, as well as tuna and halibut, may be the key to improving your sex life. Omega-3s help prevent plaque buildup in the arteries, improving blood flow throughout the body. A diet consisting of oily fish may not be a love potion for men at high risk of prostate cancer. Studies published in the American Journal of Epidemiology suggest that omega-3 fatty acids may increase the risk of contracting an aggressive form of the disease. Low-grade, slow-onset prostate cancer is unaffected by the consumption of omega-3-rich foods.

4. Nuts and seeds

Having a chocolate shower with chocolates is a romantic gesture, but that will not necessarily take them to new heights in the bedroom. Instead of sweets, munch a handful of nuts and seeds. Cashews and almonds are full of zinc, while many healthy snacks contain L-arginine to make blood flow. Try the following:

pumpkin seeds
Sun-flower seeds
pecan nuts
Nuts are doubly useful in the love affairs department because they are also rich in omega-3s.

5. apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away and could also improve your love life. Apples, berries, cherries, onions and dark grapes are rich in quercetin. This antioxidant, a type of flavonoid, can offer many health benefits. With regard to intercourse, quercetin plays a role in controlling the symptoms of prostatitis and interstitial cystitis (IC) and promotes circulation. Prostatitis is the inflammation of the prostate. It sometimes causes testicular discomfort and pain during ejaculation. IC, or painful bladder syndrome, can also make sex difficult for men and women. Symptoms of sexual-related IC include genital pain, erectile dysfunction, painful intercourse and lack of desire.

6. garlic

Your mother could have warned you never to eat garlic before an appointment. This is a tip you can ignore. The pungent herb is a natural anticoagulant often used to prevent high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease. The anticoagulant properties help to ensure good blood circulation in the lower regions. Your partner and yourself can benefit from a good dose of garlic before a romantic evening. If you eat both, no one will take care of the strong breathing.

7. red wine

This one seems pretty obvious. A glass of red wine can help women get in the mood. Research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine has shown that one to two glasses of red wine a day increases sexual desire and lubrication in women. Red wine contains quercetin, which could explain the positive response. The researchers found that drinking more than two glasses of red wine a day or engaging in other types of alcoholic beverages did not produce the same results.


Some foods can keep your blood circulating and increase hormone levels, but diet alone is not always enough to improve your sex life. Talk to your doctor if lack of desire, pain during intercourse or impotence prevent you from enjoying an intimate relationship with your partner.


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