The stifling heat left a feeling of redness, dryness and dirt on the skin. Indian summers tend to do it. We could all use a little help from our relaxed but helpful friend. What else is there to do with some ice cream for the face to help us overcome the heat and make us feel fresh and radiant?

All our life, our elders have warned us not to take icy cold drinks, mainly because they cause sore throats. But using ice cream for the skin could be one of the most relaxing treatments on a hot summer day. We have listed specifically for you 10 benefits of using ice cream for the face, as well as different ways to incorporate ice into your daily skin care routine. You can thank us for this later!

10 ways to use ice cream for perfect skin:

1. For instant shine:

You want to leave after a long and tiring day in the office, you have come home, you have washed your face, but it still looks dull.
Using ice cubes for the face by rubbing them in a circular motion for a while will tighten the pores of your face. This will leave your skin with instant radiance and incredible softness.

2. More lasting makeup:

Monsoons and summer heat make your makeup run in just a few hours. Moisture does not help!
Try to rub an ice cube on your face before applying cosmetics.
This will help your makeup last longer than usual.

3. Improve the texture of the skin:

The use of an ice pack for the face helps to stimulate the blood circulation of your skin.
Better skin circulation results in lighter skin and a healthy, irresistible shine.
Get ready to give some skin and beauty tips to work, because everyone will harass you for the secret!

4. ice cream for buttons:

The effects of ice penetrate deep into your skin to cleanse your pores and prevent you from developing fresh acne.
It also helps prevent blackheads. It also soothes irritation and redness caused by pimples.

5. Prevent oily skin:

Massage your skin with ice helps to close all open pores. In turn, your skin will produce less sebum, which will leave you skin glowing and without pimples.
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6. Relieves sunburn:

The burning sun has left you a painful sunburn on the skin.
For instant relief, attach a few ice cubes to a cloth and gently press against the affected area.
Your skin will feel calm and your burns will heal in no time.

7. ice cream to whiten the skin:

Ice can help you recover your original equity, which has been consumed by weeks and weeks of dust, pollution and sunshine.
Just freeze some ice cubes and apply them daily to the skin. This will not only refresh your skin, it will also help to exfoliate.
Do not forget to wash your face with a gentle facial cleanser once you’re done, to get rid of milk residue and also apply White Instant 7 In 1 Olay Instant Glow Fairness Cream for instant justice .

8. Anti-aging:

You do not have to worry about premature wrinkles or crow’s feet on your face from now on.
Simply massage your face with a few ice cubes each day and notice that your skin is contracting day by day. Look younger every day!

9. Soothes swelling:

Not having enough beauty sleep makes your eyes and face swollen.
Try freezing green tea ice cubes and gently rub your skin whenever you feel the need to cool off instantly.

10. Prevents the skin from drying out:

The moisturizing power of ice helps to counteract the loss of water from the tissues of our face. It also eliminates dead skin and helps to capture enough moisture for our skin.

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