10 workout hacks for building muscles

One of the best aspects of your daily routine to apply a life-hack is your personal fitness goals. We have covered this in previous messages, but today we want to expand the list.

By carefully selecting the time of your training, the combination of techniques and the right post-workout snacks, you can maximize your training to build muscle. Here are the essential tips that you need to know.

1. Work at the right time of the day

The moment you choose to work out can make the difference when you want to reach your maximum potential. According to Dr Stuart McGill, an expert in the field of back pain, you should avoid working out early in the morning. This is because the discs between your vertebrae fill with fluid during your sleep, making you more susceptible to injury in the morning.

2. Weights for cardio

According to the thoughts behind Dumb Little Man, “trainers, serious athletes and bodybuilders first weights: in this way your heart rate goes up and when you lift, your body is more in a fat-burning mode. The opposite means that your muscles are already tired by the time you start strength training. ”

3. Eat regularly (and consume more calories)

Keep your energy high and give your body enough fuel to build muscle by eating every three hours or some small meals. Make sure you eat enough protein, ideally the equivalent amount of protein in grams as your current body weight in kilos. For example, a 150-pound man would want to take 150 g of protein per day.

Diet and fitness expert Dr. Melina Jampolis adds: “Your body can build up to about one-half pound of muscle mass per week, so if you consume too many extra calories to gain more muscle, you will also become fat.” I suggest adding 250 to 500 calories a day. to eat. ”

4. Eat a snack immediately after your workout

According to Nancy Clark, M.S., R.D., senior sports nutritionist at Healthworks Fitness Center at Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, protein-heavy snacks should be eaten within 15 minutes of packing your workout routine. “It could optimize the healing of minor muscle injuries that occur [normally] during exercise,” she says. “Also saturates protein” … and that means you are no longer tempted by junk food.

Men’s Health also agrees with the need for protein, but also thinks it needs to be balanced with carbohydrates. “Although you may think that the carbohydrates will slow down weight loss, the opposite may be true: Carbohydrates plus proteins help build muscle (especially if you eat the combo just before and after training) and that can indirectly improve fat loss, because muscles are metabolically active tissue that helps to burn more calories, day and night.

5. Stay hydrated

The last thing you need to complicate your training is cramps or fatigue, so drinking water before, during and after your workout for the best result.

6. Never skip the warm-up (or the cooling-down)

Stretching prevents muscle strain, ensures that your blood is pumped and can help to lower cholesterol if it is done as part of a yoga or pilates routine. Muscles also have to rest again after an intensive training, which can help a few minutes of stretching.

7. Combine compound and isolated movements

Although isolating certain muscles is important, you also need to alternate compound movements that will attack multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Compound workouts are good for beginners and for showing certain parts of the body.

Fitness expert Mark McManus argues, however, that compound exercises have a downside. “If a muscle within the group that is being worked is rather weak, it is responsible for finishing the set before the other muscles reach the required intensity to stimulate growth.With compound movements, you are only as strong as your weakest link Take, for example, the lat pulldown: the weaker biceps and forearms will be tired before the more powerful slats do, which means that you did not thoroughly stimulate the part of the body that you meant when you chose this exercise! ”

8. Gradually increase your weights

Increase the weight you lift per exercise by 5 percent per week. For example, if you have squeezed 100 pounds this week, for example, you should try £ 105 next week. This gradual increase will produce the best muscle building results without overloading your body.

9. Budget the right amount of time for your training

The Muscle Hack team states that timing is essential when planning your training. “You should not train much longer than an hour,” they say. “At the end of the day, if you are not willing to spend an hour in the gym, you do not have the right mindset for success.”

10. Get narcissistic

What we mean, of course, to do all of your weightlifting for a mirror. That way you can correct your posture and ensure that you stretch your muscles completely. Right form means maximum results.


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